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These are the 18 unique foods I tried in Indonesia | Full length food tour

These are the 18 unique foods I tried in Indonesia | Full length food tour

Join me on this incredible 13-1/2 hour food tour in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, where I set out to explore the most delicious and unique Indonesian dishes this city has to offer! 🇮🇩🍽️ From street food stalls to hidden gems, I've tasted it all to bring you an unforgettable gastronomic adventure. In this video, you'll follow along as I navigate the bustling streets of Yogyakarta, meeting friendly locals and learning about the culture and history behind these tantalizing dishes. 🗺️👥 Get ready to witness the vibrant colors, intoxicating aromas, and intense flavors that define Indonesian cuisine. Throughout this epic journey, I've indulged in iconic Nasi Goreng, succulent Bakso, sweet Martabak, refreshing Dawet, flavorful Rendang, crispy Tempe Goreng, spicy Sambal, and the unique Wedang Uwuh. 😋 Each dish providing a enticing taste of Indonesia's rich culinary heritage. So, grab a snack and get ready to embark on this culinary voyage with me. Don't forget to like, comment, and subscribe if you enjoyed this food-filled adventure, and let me know in the comments which dish you'd love to try! 📝👍 Happy eating, everyone! 🍲🥢 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Checkout our website: Get the cookbook: Join The Wild and Beyond Adventure Club: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Chapters: 0:00:00 Introduction 0:01:13 Ketan Bubuk (sticky rice snack) 0:03:02 Dawet (coconut milk drink with jellies) 0:05:57 Lemongrass Ginger Drink 0:07:24 Traditional Indonesian Kitchen 0:10:09 Wedang Uwuh (Javanese herbal drink) 0:13:19 Mixed Foods Plate 0:13:56 Telur Pindang (marinated boiled egg) 0:16:21 Chicken with Coconut Sauce 0:16:53 Krechek (water buffalo skin) 0:17:54 Coconut Flower Gudeg 0:19:08 Barbecued Cobra 0:21:18 Biawak (fried monitor lizard) 0:23:00 Bakso (Chinese meatball soup) 0:28:37 Promotion 0:31:51 Rendang (Indonesian curried beef) 0:34:30 Tombusu (egg in beef intestine) 0:36:09 Sop Tombing (lamb parts soup) 0:43:48 Homemade Tempe and Sambal (fried fermented soybeans and hot pepper salsa) 0:53:48 Javanese Nasi Goreng (Indonesian fried rice) 0:56:47 Martabak (Indonesian stuffed pancake) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ A very special thanks to Phillipe for being my guide on this epic food tour! If you would like to hire Phillipe as a local guide in Indonesia, feel free to contact him at +62 813 14000027 @or This video was produced and edited by Jake Grissom and Chris Bucheit.